The Little Shack – El Paso, Texas

The Little Shack – El Paso, Texas

Apr 02
The Little Shack – El Paso, Texas

This Friday afternoon we went to The Little Shack nested in the middle of a parking lot off of North Mesa. We went with our friends Pat and Thea who were stoked that The Little Shack accommodated their two dogs on the outdoor patio. Annie and I had been there before but it had been a few months and we were just looking for a quick casual seafood taco lunch. After frantically scanning the menu for a red beer, I was quickly disappointed to learn they still did not have their liquor license. However, they did have a poster size application for their license hanging on the patio sliding door. Annie was craving some queso so we ordered that to start. The queso fundido was a simple melt of cheap stringy cheddar that had to be cut with a knife to be shared. For lunch I ordered the fish tacos and Annie the shrimp tacos. All of the tacos came with cabbage, chipotle aioli, avocado, and pico de gallo with lime wedges on the side. I enjoyed my tacos; they were a quick casual bite. I’m just not a big fan of corn tortillas and neither is Annie. Annie’s shrimp were a bit overdone but otherwise tasty. The service was quite slow as it took the waitress about 20 minutes to get our bill. I suppose I would have been more patient had I been waiting with a beverage in my hand. The inside has a great atmosphere though, making you feel like you are in the hull of a fishing boat. This place is worth a try and must be doing well as they have expanded from a parking lot to a second location on Cincinnati and Mesa. I will be more inclined for a third visit once they start serving “happy beverages.” – Alex


The Little Shack


The Little Shack


Inside of The Little Shack


The Little Shack deck


Veggie Tacos


Steak Tacos


Fish Tacos


Shrimp Tacos

The Little Shack

5360 North Mesa
El Paso, Texas 79912
(915) 321-1562
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  1. Pat

    I too agree that once the shack acquires a liquor license, it will be a great spot for a quick bite and brew. Plus, it allows even the most stubborn of dogs!

  2. Jason

    Great food, horrible service at both locations… I won’t be going back. I gave both locations second attempts. I don’t like being treated as though the servers adoring me a huge favor by even taking my order…

    • Annie

      Agreed, the food is tasty but the service is very slow and inattentive. Everytime I have gone I typically ask multiple times for the same things (silverware, getting our check…). Hopefully it will improve!

  3. Grace

    Great food but service is slow and it is almost as if you have to beg for your check or another drink.

    • Agreed Grace, hopefully they have improved on this! Thank you for commenting, hope you’ll visit us again soon!

  4. Luis

    Hey – I love this place, just bring your own beer (they charge $.50 a piece to bring them in, or $4.00 for a wine bottle. They’ll provide free ice buckets to keep them cold).

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