“Suzu” – El Paso, Texas

“Suzu” – El Paso, Texas

Feb 12
“Suzu” – El Paso, Texas

I’ve been anxious to try the recently opened Asian/Mexican fusion restaurant “Suzu,” which after poking my head inside and perusing their menu, I decided could potentially be our new date night spot. Alex and I finally had a chance to go last Friday night and, well, “Suzu,” you really, really let us down. Yes, you’re decor is refined and menu intriguing, but let me make it clear – you blew it. Even with a reservation and open tables in sight, we waited almost 30 minutes to be seated. I tried to order a glass of wine to pass the time but my first 6 selections were “out of stock.” The manager came by once to update us on the wait, but called us “fellas” (gee, thanks alot!) and said our table would be ready in “less than one second” (we waited 15 more minutes). Once finally seated, we viewed the electronic menu on an iPad, which was a snazzy feature, but failed to offer much redemption. We then waited almost 40 minutes for our blackened tuna salad starter (we actually watched a confused bus boy wander lost for 5 minutes carrying the salad around aimlessly before passing it off to our waitress who then toted it along while she finalized other guests’ tabs for another 5). It took two requests to get a glass of water which came lukewarm and sans ice, and another request to get a straw 10 minutes later. Our entrees finally arrived more than 90 minutes into the meal, but were so aggressively salted they bordered inedible. For $23 I got a mere 4 scallops served with nothing but a face-puckeringly salty Chilpachole type sauce. The menu advertised the dish coming with “Uni” and “Nori” but there was nothing even closely resembling either on the plate. Alex tackled a sizable hunk of poorly prepared Kurobuta pork belly that was more like a large salty block of spongy raw bacon rather than the crispy slabs of porky richness we had envisioned. We washed our dinners down with the warm water, laughed about how our waitress kept calling Alex “ma’am,” and called it a night. Well, “Suzu,” I’ll leave you with this – you’re pretty – but that surface deep beauty only temporarily masks your painful customer service and disappointing fare…no more date nights for you.


Outside of Suzu


Electronic Menu at Suzu


Suzu Dining Room


Blackened Tuna Salad with Cranberry Salsa, Jicama, Glazed Pecans and Asian Vinaigrette



Pan Seared Diver Sea Scallops with Chilpachole Sauce



Kurobuta Pork Belly Mole with Stir Fried Rice and Sunnyside Up Egg


5825 North Mesa
El Paso, Texas
(915) 845-7898

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  1. LeeAnn

    Just out if curiosity, have you returned to Suzu since your first experience? My husband and I used to live in El Paso, but moved before it opened. We are returning and thought about checking it out, but after reading your review, we’re not so sure…

    • LeeAnn, I have not yet returned but a second visit is far overdue. I have heard good things about Suzu since my first visit so I look forward to a better experience. Let me know what you think if you go!

      • David Brooks

        Seems they haven’t changed much in the customer service dept. I posted this on Yelp. “Went out for an early dinner and thought we would try this place. Got to the restaurant a little after 6pm. Despite the fact that there was not a single person in the restaurant except for a couple of people at the bar we were told that we would have to sit outside or at the bar. Being November it was a bit chilly outside and bar dining on date night is not very romantic. When I inquired about why we could not be seated in an entirely empty restaurant the hostess replied that all the tables were for people reservations. Again, not a single person in the restaurant! We went to a restaurant nearby and after our dinner I returned to SuZu to discuss the situation with the manager. He seemed unimpressed with the situation and simply said “That’s the way we do things”. And when I went back there were still empty tables (8 to be precise). I have dined in many nice restaurants across the country (NYC, San Francisco, Dallas, L.A.) and I have never in my life had an experience like this. I’m still shocked. Based on some of the other reviews it seems their customer service/seating policy needs a lot of work. It seems SuZu is destined to the same fate as all the other “trendy” restaurants that have opened El Paso in the past. A year or so in business then closed doors. They definitely have lost this customer.”

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